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Reluctant to Hire a Virtual Assistant Due to Past Experiences?

October 8, 2009

Are you reluctant to hire a virtual assistant because your last virtual assistant…

  • billed you for time beyond the contracted amount?
  • did not communicate regularly with status updates?
  • did not ask enough questions?
  • failed to meet your expectations?

As your Awesome Assistant, I will:

  • Never surprise you with a bill for work done beyond what the contract states.
  • Keep you updated on the status of your project(s) in a timely manner.
  • Let you know as we’re nearing completion of the time you’ve contracted so you are not surprised when you need additional work only to find out you’ve used up all the time you retained.
  • Ask questions to clarify your expectations.
  • Put in writing costs, timeframes, expectations and other necessary details so there are no surprises!

Several of my clients were at first reluctant to contact me because they had unpleasant experiences with other virtual assistants. One client was upset because her last virtual assistant had charged for hours beyond what they agreed on, without the client’s authorization and without informing the client before proceeding with the work that additional charges would be incurred.

This client also felt that her previous virtual assistant did not have clear expectations and was disappointed with the resulting work. Asking lots of questions and clearly communicating expectations would have alleviated this challenge.

Another client wanted their virtual assistant to do more than just complete assigned tasks. The client wanted a virtual assistant that could guide and advise them on what was best for their business. I was able to help this client accomplish the task – after advising him of a different tool that would grow with his business rather than the tool he was currently using and would shortly outgrow.

Though reluctant at first to hire another virtual assistant, these clients did choose to do business with me based on the recommendations of other happy clients. They in turn are now happy clients and recommend my services to their associates without hesitation.

If you are reluctant to hire a virtual assistant due to past unpleasant experiences, read the testimonials of my many happy clients, talk to them about how I’ve helped their business, and then give me a call so I can show you how the right virtual assistant can help you grow your business.

Tell me about your unpleasant virtual assistant experiences and let me tell you how I would have handled the situation.


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